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"I had a spinal cord stimulator procedure on August 25. I was having terrible problems with my back. I was referred to the Drs. Madnani by Dr. Matthew J. Tormenti, a neurosurgeon. My pain was a 9. The procedure, a five-hour procedure by Dr. Sanjay Madnani, was a major improvement. It was an excellent result. My pain went from a 9 to a 5. I no longer need a cane to walk. I can walk upright instead of hunched over. Before the procedure it was hard getting up and down the steps. Now it’s easier I started to experience relief the day after the procedure. 

I wasn’t clear on how to use the stimulator at first. The doctors were on call 24/7 and Dr. Sanjay walked me through the way to use the stimulator. I can now operate the stimulator with ease.

I would recommend the procedure to anyone who needs a similar type of operation. ."

-Michael Daily



Over 2 1/2 yrs. ago, I had been looking for the right doctor, to deal with my chronic pain!

To no avail, I hadn't found one, until my doctor at that time, referred me to the Madnani's!

It was a blessing! A Mitzvah! Not only did I find one grand doctor, I found two of them, a very kind, professional, husband and wife team, who's goal is to only help their patient's improve with their chronic or acute pain, and I was so lucky they had their hands full with me! LoL 

Not only were they dealing with my Lupus, Fibromyalgia and my spine problems from an accident back in 1986, they also dealt with me, when I broke my ankle 2 yrs. ago. 

They take the time to LISTEN and EXPLAIN everything to you, as they take care of you!

Their staff is wonderful too. Admir is a wonderful Asst and you can tell that their staff is a reflection of what a great wife and husband doctor team they are!

I have never been better, health wise and I thank G-d and them, every day for they help they did for me. I tell all my friends and doctors about them. I can't praise them enough!

I look forward to their Seminar's that they hold, with other groups of doctor's, etc, explaining more about how to help yourself and your loved one deal with chronic pain. I highly and proudly recommend them to anyone that has any type of chronic pain. I promise you will be happy!

Again, I say, that I thought I would never find a doctor that would take the time to listen to me, explain EXACTLY what is going on in my body and then help me....They are on call 24 hrs a day, they help from the core of their heart and soul! You won't be sorry, when you go see, the Dr.s Madnani's, MD. "

G-d Bless and Shalom,



When I first started coming to the Oxford Valley Pain and Spine Center, I was to say the least a bit nervous about having anyone do injections to my spine. I have had severe neck and low back pain for over 11 years.

My first consultation was 45 minutes with Dr. Anju. I was immediately at ease. After my first injection to my lumbar spine I had complete relief. And two weeks later I had an injection in my cervical spine, once again immediate relief. I am now consistently at a low degree of pain, for the first time in 11 years.

Dr. Sanjay and Anju are not only well educated, they both have something more than education can give; a true gift has been given to their hands.

Thank you,
-Christin Cook
November 25, 2010

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