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Strategies for Reducing the Risk of Back Injuries at Work

There are many different ways employers and employees can work together to put less stress on the back. OSHA recommends the following ways:

Employers should:

  • Observe the worker first hand as he/she lifts and moves objects to understand the mechanical and physical issues
  • Know how long a worker is working without breaks
  • Rotate employees’ job duties so they’re not always lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying objects
  • Talk to their employees abut their pain experiences while working
  • Shorten the distance between the employee and the materials
  • Understand that pulling is more difficult than pushing
  • Design workstations so that the setup is good for the person’s back
  • Provide lift tables to place the objects so workers don’t have to lift from the ground
  • Use conveyor belts and carts for horizontal movements
  • Work to minimize the range of motion and the frequency of strenuous activities

Other ways to ease the pressure on the back include:

  • Making sure there are ramps for moving objects and materials
  • Break loads into smaller units
  • Assign multiple  workers to heavier loads
  • Use the right equipment – forklifts and hand trucks, for example


This blog does not constitute medical advice. Workers with workers’ compensation claims should seek legal counsel.

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