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Pain is More Common Than You Think. More notes from the American Academy of Pain Medicine.

Here are some more interesting facts about pain and pain care in America – According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine:

  • The medical costs of pain care  and the economic cost to lower work productivity were approximately $600 billion in 2010 dollars.
  • Over ½ of patients who are hospitalized felt pain during their  last days.
  • 50 to 75% of people die with moderate to severe pain
  • One in five people have pain or discomfort that makes sleeping difficult several nights a week
  • People who responded to a National Institute of Health Statistics Survey  said they experienced pain in the following numbers
  1. 27% felt back pain
  2. 15% had migraines or severe headaches
  3. 15% had neck pain
  4. 4% had pain or aches in their face
  • Over 26 million between 20 and years-of-age said they experienced frequent back pain
  • People with low back pain are three times more likely to be in poor or fair health than people without low back pain. These people are four times more likely to  have  severe  psychological distress than people without back pain.
  • One-fourth of people over age 19 (approximately 75 million people) said they have chronic pain that lasts more than 24 hours

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