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Managing Back Pain at Work

What Causes Back Pain at Work?

Back injuries are a leading reason why many workers need to stop working and try to get worker’s compensation benefits. Some industries and professions are especially prone to back injuries such as construction and nursing.

It’s always best to try to understand what causes back pain and to take preventive steps to avoid back discomfort. When back pain does occur, pain management physicians can often help reduce the pain or even get rid of the pain.

Causes of back pain at your job

Some of the reasons employees and contractors hurt their back are:

  • Repetitive stress. Some movements, such as twisting or pulling, if done repeatedly can cause damage to your spine
  • Heavy lifting. Just lifting one box or one container that is more than your back can handle can cause an acute back injury
  • Excessive force. Any object that strikes your back can cause back pain
  • A sedentary job. While movements can cause back pain, non-movement can also can injury. Workers who sit a chair ally day without stretching or standing up can injure their back – especially if they are sitting in a chair that doesn’t provide back support or if they’re not the right distance from their desk.

Some preventive steps to avoid back pain at work

Everyone should try to eat a health diet, get the proper amount of aerobic exercise, and quit smoking. Workers should also focus on these steps:

  • Use ergonomic equipment. Use chairs that are good for your back and your posture. Standing desks may help reduce the likelihood of pain.
  • Use good posture. Be the right distance from the desk. Sit with both feet on the floor. Take the wallet out of your back pocket.
  • Use proper lifting techniques. Lift with your legs,, not your back. Hold boxes and other objects close to you instead of just lifting with your arms. Know when an object is too heavy and you need another person to help or equipment to help carry the load.
  • Be aware you’re doing repetitive tasks. If tasks are repetitive, try to mix them up with other tasks now and then so you’re not using the same muscles all the time. Make sure the task is ergonomically as comfortable as possible. Take breaks when permitted.

Disclaimer. This  blog does not constitute medical or legal advice.

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