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Exercise and Pain Management

Exercise and Pain

It’s natural to think that when you have back or neck pain that exercise will only make your condition worse. That isn’t always true. The right types of exercise can actually help decrease your pain.

Before starting any exercise routine, you should consult with your pain management doctor.

According to Spine Health, a leading resource, exercise can help with your pain in the following ways:

  • Exercise helps to reduce stiffness and increases your mobility
  • Exercise improves your circulation which means spinal discs and other parts of your body get the nutrients they need
  • Exercise releases “endorphins, which can naturally relieve pain and reduce the need for pain medications. Endorphins also help with your emotional state.

A proper pain reduction exercise workout should include stretching and strength exercises. Your workout should also focus on aerobic exercises to improve your heart health.

Spine-health suggests you keep the following in mind when choosing a back pain exercise routine:

  • The whole body should be targeted – not just the back.
  • You should have doctor or health professional review you medical situation before you start any program
  • You should know how severe your pain issues are
  • You should discuss with the professional how often and how long you should exercise
  • You should be aware how much pain you can reasonably endure

Factors to consider when stretching. Stretching:

  • Helps reduce muscle tension
  • Improves your range
  • Reduces the risk of a disability
  • Should be pain free
  • Be done on a flat surface
  • Exercises normally require repetition and holding the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds
  • Should be done one side of the body at a time

Yoga is a good exercise program that emphasizes stretching. We offer yoga programs for our patients that are geared towards people with pain.

The benefits of exercise aren’t always immediate. It can take a while to see results

The spine-health link has examples of specific exercises. You can also work with an experienced physical therapist who will guide you through your exercise routine.


This blog does not constitute medical advice.

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