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Causes and Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease


As you age, the discs break down (degenerate). The break down occurs through a loss of fluid in the discs which narrows the space between the vertebrae and makes them less flexible. There can also be cracks/tears in the disc which allows the center (the nucleus) of the disc to rupture or break.

The narrowing of the space between the vertebrae can also cause the creation of bone spurs. These spurs can contribute to your pain.

Contributing factors include repeated heavy lifting, obesity and smoking. An injury can also be a contributing factor.


Pain varies from person to person.

  • Movements of any type  such as  bending or lifting contribute to the feeling of pain.
  • Pain is often felt in the neck or arm and in the buttocks, leg and back. You may also feel numb or have a tingling sensation.
  • Some people have muscle spasms or muscle strains
  • Sitting or standing for too long can trigger disc degeneration pain
  • The type of pain varies depending on whether the cause is due to cervical (neck) or lumbar (back) disc degeneration
  • Pain can be due to a recent event or it can appear without warning.
  • Pain from flareups  an last days or even weeks

Disclaimer. This article does not constitute medical advice. If you are having pain problems, please contact our office.

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