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Autumn Gardening Tips to Reduce Pain

Gardening is a wonderful way to feel good about the world. As the colder weather approaches, many people try get in their gardening chores before the winter frosts come in. Autumn is a great time for planting.

Here are a few pain precaution tips during this gardening season:

  • Wear warm clothes that keep you warm but that don’t constrict your movements.
  • Start slowly  and warm-up to heavier tasks. Gradual steps help muscles ease into the workload. Doing heavy work  first increases  the odds of straining your muscles.
  • Avoid overreaching and overstretching. Get as close as possible to the things you want to  prune or  work on even if it means getting a little  dirtier. The rights  tools can hep you reach vegetation, flowers, and bushes that you can’t easily reach.
  • Use a utility belt to keep your tools near you. This helps reduce movements to reach for spades and  other equipment
  • When using a rake, keep your torso in line with the rake. When you’re done raking, bend both knees with a straight back to pick up the leaves or other gardening items.
  • Get up once  in a while. It’s not good for joints or muscles to stay in one position for long  stretches of time. Try to move or stretch every 20 minuets or so.
  • Stay hydrated. Even in cooler weather, it helps to drink plenty of liquids.
  • Consider buying the right items to make gardening easier. For example, a gardening trolley can help you move heavier items. Get the kids  to  help move heavy bags.


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