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Strategies for Reducing the Risk of Back Injuries at Work

There are many different ways employers and employees can work together to put less stress on the back. OSHA recommends the following ways: Employers should: Observe the worker first hand as he/she lifts and moves objects to understand the mechanical … Continue reading

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Types of workplace accidents than can require treatment with a pain management doctor

We provide comprehensive pain management for injured workers Continue reading

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Back Pain at Work

According to OSHA  (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the federal agency that tracks workplace safety, back pain is the second leading cause of workplace injury after hand injuries. Back injury can include spinal cord damage, pinched nerves, disc damage, fractures, … Continue reading

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Managing Back Pain at Work

What Causes Back Pain at Work? Back injuries are a leading reason why many workers need to stop working and try to get worker’s compensation benefits. Some industries and professions are especially prone to back injuries such as construction and … Continue reading

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