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Glossary of Pain Management Terms (I-Z)

MRI machine Hyperalgesia: Increased sensitivity to pain or enhanced intensity of pain sensation. Inflammation: A reaction of tissues to injury or disease. Symptoms include swelling, redness, heat, and pain. Joint: The junction of two or more bones. The joint allows … Continue reading

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Pain Management Acronyms and Abbreviations

Here are a few common acronyms that are used by pain management professionals AE. Adverse effect BDS- Bone density scan CAM. Complementary and alternative medicine CPM. Chronic pain management CT. Computer Aided Tomography DC. Doctor of Chiropractic EMG.  Electromyography ESI. … Continue reading

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What is Radiofrequency Ablation

The nerves are then numbed and radiofrequency waves are sent to the needle tip. The waves help create a lesion which thwarts the ability of the targeted nerves to send pain signals. Continue reading

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What is Nerve Pain?

How nerve pain happens The central nervous systems is made up of millions of nerves that are linked to each other. Nerves are somewhat likes electrical wires. When they work well, they tell you it’s hot or cold or let … Continue reading

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Migraines are headaches that usually cause intense throbbing or a pulsing sensation in one area of the head. The pain can be very severe and can last hours or even days.
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