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Treatments for Cervical Disc Herniation

There are different types of therapies for people with a cervical herniated disc. Some of the remedies that experienced pain management doctors review are the following: Home care Many times, the pain will resolve within a month or two. Ice … Continue reading

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Spinal Anatomy

The spine has three main parts: The cervical spine. This is composed of 7 cervical vertebrae. The thoracic spine. This is composed of 12 thoracic vertebrae. The lumbar spine. This is composed of 5 lumbar vertebrae. Another small part is … Continue reading

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What Is Cervical Osteoarthritis?

Cervical osteoarthritis is also called cervical spondylosis. It is a painful medical condition that affects the discs, joints, and bones of the neck. It usually occurs with the wear-and-tearĀ  of old age. As we age, the spinal discs lose fluid … Continue reading

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Anatomy of the spine

Your spine is the main support system for your body. It allows you to walk, stand, sit, lie down, bend, and twist. The spine absorbs shock and provides for range of motion. Continue reading

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