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The Advantages of Exercise for Back Pain

Spine Health recently wrote about some of the ways exercise can help with back pain. According to Spine Health, some of the advantages of exercise include:

  • By make the muscles that support one’s spine stronger, that removes “pressure from the spinal discs and facet joints.”
  • Exercise helps improve a person’s ability to move
  • Exercise can reduce stiffness
  • Better circulation (a byproduct of exercise) helps essential nutrients get to your spinal discs
  • Exercise releases the chemicals, called endorphins, which help with pain relief. If enough endorphins are releases, there’s less need for medications. Endorphins also help with some of the emotional downsides of chronic pain – such as mood swings and depression.
  • Exercise helps make the pain feel less severe

Before starting any exercises routine, the patient should first consult with his/her pain management physician. Some of the issues the physician will review are:

  • Explaining your current diagnosis and assessing how severe your pain level is
  • Reviewing ways to relive the pain
  • Reviewing how much exercise you should strive for and the quality of that exercise

Patients should understand that an exercise program requires an ability and desire to stick to the program over time. Patients should stop and consult with their doctor if the pain worsens. If exercise is improving the pain, than an exercise routine should continue.

Generally, patients are more likely to stick to an exercise program if they like the program. Many patients find walking pleasurable because the prettiness of the surroundings distracts them from the work of exercise.


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