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New Year Suggestions for Pain Management

Spine Health offers the following four recommendations for people with chronic pain to think about in 2019. As with all recommendations, it is best to consult with your physicians first.


1. Try some low low-impact aerobic exercise. This type of exercise can reduce joint inflammation and help the muscles become stronger. Plus, this type of exercise helps blood rich in oxygen travel to the parts of the body in pain. The easiest type of exercise, for many people is walking. It helps to walk with someone to keep you going. If walking hurts your knee or other parts of your body, then swimming may be an option.

2. Don’t use electronic media in your media. The priority should be on getting a good night’s rest. Get rid of the smartphone, the laptop, the tablet, and even the TV screen remote. Keep these items out of your reach so you can’t grab them if you wake up in the middle of the night. If you need mental stimulation, try a magazine or a book. The electronic devices are more distracting and harder to turn off than just closing a book.

3. Stay hydrated. Buy a bottle for water and carry it with you. Water can help nutrients get to the right organs and joints and help the discs. Some water bottles now have a “built-in-fruit infuser.” Drinking water is also good because it means drinking less alcohol and less soda.

4. Stop smoking. Nicotine destroys the cells bones need to grow. Addiction to smoking is a tough routine to break. Speak with your general practitioner about the various ways to quit this dangerous and painful habit.


The information contained in this blog is for educational purposes only. This blog does not create a doctor/patient relationship.

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