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Types of workplace accidents than can require treatment with a pain management doctor

Workers can be injured at work for many reasons while doing their jobs. Many of the injuries workers suffer are due to falls, motor vehicle accidents, being struck by an object, or just plain overexertion. When these injuries happen, injuries to the back, neck, and spine can easily occur – requiring treatment with a pain management doctor.

Some of jobs where someone can suffer pain that requires treatment with a pain management doctor.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the following occupations are at above-average risk for developing back pain:

  • Industrial and technical foremen, tradesmen
  • Bricklayers, concrete masons
  • Interpreters, librarians
  • Hairstylists, beauticians
  • Printing assistants, bookbinders
  • Service station workers, sales reps
  • Pipefitters, steamfitters, assembly workers
  • Nurses and orderlies
  • Saddlers, shoemakers, tanners, tailors
  • Casual labor
  • Industrial mechanics, repairers/fitters
  • Sales clerks, driver-sales workers
  • Caterers, waiters/waitresses
  • Milling workers, welders
  • Watchman, porter, janitors
  • Geriatric carers, social workers
  • Cooks
  • Carpenters, timber workers
  • Building cleaners, dry cleaners
  • Electrical/construction technicians
  • Painters, lacquerers
  • Postal clerks, mail deliverers
  • Warehouse/freight workers, furniture movers
  • Railroad personnel, lorry drivers
  • Bodywork and vehicle constructers

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury which causes back, neck, or spine pain – you may have a workers’ compensation claim which you need to review with your work injury lawyer. You also may need to treat with an experienced pain management doctor. Please call us at 215-504-2815 to schedule an appointment. We provide comprehensive pain management for injured workers. You can learn more by visiting our website – injurypainmd.com We see patients with injuries due to work or accidents at our office in Langhorne at 19 Summit Square Shopping Center.


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