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Two prestigious medical hospitals explain the causes of back and neck pain

Common Causes of Neck and Back Pain

According to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, these are some of the more common causes of neck and back pain. For many patients, there are multiple causes.

  • Trauma due to an accident or other event
  • Infection
  • Excess weight
  • Poor muscle tone quality
  • Sprains and strains
  • Repetitive stress
  • Overuse or strenuous use of the back and neck
  • A tumor, bone spur, or other abnormal growth
  • Vertebrae degeneration
  • Muscle spasm or tension
  • Tears of the ligaments or muscles
  • Smoking
  • A herniated or protruding disc
  • A pinched nerve
  • Osteoporosis
  • Congenital abnormalities of the bones or spine
  • Aortic aneurysm
  • Joint disorders

According to the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Three of the leading physical causes are:

  • Disc disorders. Discs the “gel-like cushions that rest between the vertebrae (bones in the spine). They help maintain the natural curvature of your spine, and allow your back to flex or bend. And most importantly, discs absorb shock as you walk or run.”A ruptured or herniated disc causes the jelly-like center to leak. This irritates nearby nerves. Many young people develop herniated discs – as well as older people. Older people often have disc problems because their discs dry out. This makes them more rigid and less pliable – creating an increased risk of a herniated disc.
  • Osteoarthritis. This a kind of arthritis that occurs to the wear and tear of old age. Essentially, the cartilage which connect the vertebrae starts to wear away. The discs lose water and narrow – which puts pressure on the joints and causes inflammation. Osteoarthritis often causes back pain.Spine of the neck is often due to condition called spondylosis which occurs when the bones and cartilage of the neck suffer abnormal wear,
  • Spinal stenosis. This is a narrowing of the spine which “puts pressure on the spinal cord or nerves, causing pain, numbness, or cramping.” Aging is a major cause of spinal stenosis. Other causes include arthritis, herniated discs, bone disease, injuries, and tumors.


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