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Tips for Workers Who Sit All Day

If standing on your feet all day is bad, sitting all day may even worse. Sitting at a desk doing computer work, research, or secretarial work also places a lot of stress on your back and neck. Sitting all day may also be bad for your heart.

A few ideas that may help you if you sit all day for your job are:

  • Make sure your computer monitor is the correct height. Your eyes should be level with the top of your screen. According to Dr. Dr. Jim Sheedy, director of the Vision Performance Institute at Pacific University (and Time magazine – https://time.com/3566809/computer-health-tips/ , ideally, your eyes should be looking down about 10 degrees.
  • Make sure your posture is good. Computer workers often move too close the screen which can place pressure on the neck. Ideally, the neck and spine should be lined up vertically.
  • Stand up. One idea is ton consider using a standing desk where you stand while your work. Or you could try standing some of the time and sitting some of the time. Some workstations are designed to allow workers to stand and sit by adjusting the height of the desk. A side benefit of standing is that standing is usually better for your posture.
  • Walk.  While treadmill desks are an option, another option is just to make sure you take regular breaks where you walk around the office or, better still, take a walk outside the officeEmployees who sit all day should also:
  • Make sure they have a comfortable chair
  • Adjust where they sit so your wrists can rest on the table while you work


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