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Tips for Employees Who Work in the Healthcare Sector

Each industry sector has unique safety hazards. Nurses and others who work in hospitals need to be in great shape to move patients, stand on their feet all day long, and perform many other tasks.

These are some of the areas that nurses and other healthcare workers need to be aware of:

  • Understand how to lift and move patients. Bending with the knees is better than bending with your back.
  • Wheelchairs, slide boards, and other devices should be used to shift the patient from location ot another.
  • Healthcare workers need to be especially careful when handling needles. They should be trained how to use them so they avoid getting stuck and avoid exposure to infectious diseases.
  • When possible, it helps to have multiple move a patient or supplies. In some facilities, there are a few workers who do most of the patient transfers.
  • Be alert to the possibility of assaults by attacks by patients with mental health issues or by patients who are frightened, scared, or don’t understand what’s going on.

Healthday recommends that “Whenever you can, push instead of pull. This puts less stress on your back and you have twice as much power. Stay close to the bed or machine you are using and avoid reaching. Use both arms to prevent strain. When you lift from floor level, lift from a squat with your back straight, bend your knees, and let your legs do the lifting. If you have to lift from waist level, try to get help from another nurse or aide on the floor.”


This blog does not constitute medical advice. Workers with workers’ compensation claims should seek legal counsel.

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