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Practical Suggestions for Reducing Pain

Practical Suggestions for Reducing Pain

Here are some tips for managing your pain. As always, the best advice is to review your pain issues with a respected and trusted pain management doctor.

  • Quit smoking.  Tobacco is not only bad  for your lungs and general health. It also increases the sensation of pain, slows the healing process, worsens  circulation, and can even increase the possibility of damage to the disc.
  • Exercise. While exercise may seem to be the last thing  you want to do if your are in pain, the right exercises can actually strengthen muscles and joints. Exercise can also help you eat less and feel better. Consult with your pain management doctor about the types of exercises that may be right for you.
  • Meditation. Meditation helps reduce stress, relieves tension, and helps you relax. It can take your mind off your pain and even help to reduce your pain.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. Excess weight makes dealing with pain much harder. Healthy foods do more than just keep the weight off. Good foods give you the energy you need to fight your pain and fight disease.
  • Keep a journal. Document what parts of your body are causing you pain, how severe the pain is, and how often it occurs. The more your doctor understands your symptoms and complaints, the better he/she can manage your pain.
  • Stay involved. It’s easy to withdraw from others when you’re in pain. But being involved with other people and continuing the activities you enjoyed, even at a reduced rate, helps take your mind off your pain. Participating in life helps give you the incentive to fight and work through your pain.

Other practical suggestions include:

  • Try yoga. It’s a low-stress form of exercise
  • Be vocal. Let others know what is bothering you so they can help you. You might even bring a relative/friend who  knows your pain issue with you when you see your pain doctor.

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