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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Strategies for Reducing the Risk of Back Injuries at Work

There are many different ways employers and employees can work together to put less stress on the back. OSHA recommends the following ways: Employers should: Observe the worker first hand as he/she lifts and moves objects to understand the mechanical … Continue reading

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Work Injuries Increase During the Summer Months

Many workers are injured during the summer for a variety of reasons – most having to do with the warmer weather and seasonal job opportunities. Some of the common reasons workplace accidents occur in the summer include: Construction accidents. Construction … Continue reading

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Electric Simulator Research – May Help People with Paralysis

There’s renewed hope for patients who have suffered a paralysis of their lower limbs due to a spinal-cord accident or deterioration. A heartwarming story in Nature International Journal of Science highlighted a former college baseball player who was struck by … Continue reading

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